Extra virgin olive oil Sapparis - Umag

Extra virgin olive oil Sapparis

The extra virgin olive oil Sapparis is characterized by a clear golden-yellow colour of a green shine and harmonious smell.

The taste is flushed by an accent of artichokes, chicory and green lettuce with balsamic tones of basil and spicy mint.It is mildly spicy with a bit of bitterness of a complex taste.

It goes hand in hand with appetizers (cold dishes), marinated vegetables, molluscs, grilled octopus, gof tartarre, cooked vegetables or fresh cheeses (mozzarella, provolone). The optimal climate in Umag, the red Istrian soil, the golden sun and the proximity of the sea, are a perfect mix which, along with our hard work, contributes to the excellent quality of our olive oils.

The highest quality of our Sapparis extra virgin olive oil, which has been recognized on many contests over the past ten years, is achieved through a timely hand harvest, cold processing, adequate warehousing on the constant temperatures (16-18 degrees C) in inox barrels and under nitrogen (passive).


Labinske republike 10, Finida
52 470 Umag - Umago

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